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"Water for Elephants" Movie Trailers

This is trailer 1 of Water for Elephants Movie.

This is Trailer 2

     I sure hope we would be able to watch this movie. According to wikipediaWater for Elephants was released in theaters on April 22, 2011. In the United States and Canada, Water for Elephants was released theatrically in 2,817 conventional theaters. The film grossed $6,924,487 during its opening day on April 22, 2011, with midnight screenings in 2,817 locations. Overall the film made $16,842,353 and debuted at #3 on its opening weekend. On its second weekend, it dropped to #4 and grossed $9,342,413 - $3,313 per theater. By its third weekend it dropped down to #6 and made $6,069,603 - $2,322 per theater. It has sinced exceeded $100 million dollars at the box office.
Image from wikipedia
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