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Moymoy Palaboy with Rhian Ramos Lip Sync Super Bass of Nicki Minaj

Moymoy Palaboy with Rhian Ramos
Lip Sync Super Bass of Nicki Minaj

So funny! - Just had a lot of laugh, which is actually good for the health! ;)
     The brothers started to upload their lip synch videos via YouTube in 2007. In 2008, their videos and their YouTube profile garnered over 5 million hits and they have more than 130,000 subscribers from all over the world. Most MexicansAmericans and Filipinos gave positive remarks for the duo's uploaded videos. Most of their videos were shot at home, as seen in the background, where their aunt Mama Auntie also appears. They use their laptop and cellphone cameras to shoot the videos. Aside from their aunt, other guests who appeared in their videos include their friends and Philippine TV celebrities. Among their most popular YouTube videos are Wanna Be (by Spice Girls) and MariMar (by Thalía).
     The duo made their first TV appearance in GMA Network's Bubble Gang on June 27, 2008; they are now regulars in that show. Aside from Bubble Gang, they have been seen in MTVCampus Crashers.  In their TV interviews, their real voices were masked using high-pitched tones or other voices through the microphone so that their real voices would remain a mystery. (source: Wikipedia)