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Never Shout Never : "Happy" Lyrics (Christofer Drew Ingle)

According to Wikipedia: In October 2010, Christofer announced in an interview with Phoenix New Times that he would like to drop the name 'Never Shout Never' and become 'Christofer Drew and the Shout' because he is "sick of this band and the negative connotations with the band." He is also planning to switch from acoustic to more "feel-good rock-n-roll" music. In November 2010, Never Shout Never and The Maine did a concert tour, where they had fans gather can foods to help those in need. As a 'Thank you' gift, Never Shout Never and The Maine released a 'Split' Ep titled 'Split - Ep.' As of December 21, 2010, the 'Split - Ep' has been available for free on the Never Shout Never website and continues, to be free, today. Ingle follows a strict vegan diet. His music career caused him to drop out of his high school, Joplin Senior High, before graduation.
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